FACT…Most PPC campaigns that are self managed overspend on clicks and waste budget

We have audited hundreds of Google Ads accounts, here are the most common mistakes we find: 

  • Low Quality (Relevance) Scores
  • Targeting vague, generic keywords
  • Not tracking conversions
  • Using the incorrect matching type for keywords
  • Scheduling ads to run all day every day
  • Using a single text ad for multiple, varied keywords

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  • How much work does your existing agency actually do?
  • Are you using the right keywords?
  • Are you using negative keywords?
  • What keyword matching strategy are you using?
  • How well written and compelling are your ads?
  • How much are you bidding for keywords?
  • Are you tracking and optimising for conversions?
  • What are you quality scores?
  • How good are your landing pages?

“Your PPC Review helped me increase my conversion rate from 5% to 12% which has helped my business immensely. Thank You!”

Garry Jones – Advanced Vehicle Solutions

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