Questions about SEO?

There’s no need to search for answers.


What is SEO?
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a process of improving website rankings on search engines on Google. By increasing rankings, your website is exposed to more people and will receive more visits/clicks.

Can my website EVER get to the top of Google?
Yes it can. However there’s many factors that will determine whether it actually does or not. The biggest factor is that everyone (surprise!) wants to be at top dog. This is because the top 2 positions in Google results get over 50% of the click.

Can I pay to get to the top of Google?
Not with SEO. However Google Ad Words places adverts at the top of search results which are paid on a click by click basis. If this appeals to you find out more about our Pay per Click Management Service.

My Website is on Page 1 already!
Well done. Did you know 1st position onn pagegets around 30-40% of clicks from each search, and the 2nd place gets 15% of clicks? So there is always room for improvement.  In addition to this there will be other keywords that may not be on page 1 that could be.

We’re on page 1 but don’t get any enquiries!
This is common. Did you know 1st position gets around 30-40% of clicks from each search and the 2nd place gets 15% of clicks? After that the percentages drop dramatically. This means you should aim to be in the top 3 results at worst if you want enough traffic to your site to notice more enquiries. This could also mean that your site is not “conversion optimised”, in other words people are visiting your site but not getting in touch with you. You can find out more about Conversion Optimisation by getting in touch or you can book a Free Website Audit which should fix this.

Can we do SEO ourselves?
Yes, we’d even be happy to teach you. But consider this:

  • You’ll never have enough time to dedicate yourself to it. It really is a full time job!
  • Your competitors use professional SEO services so you have a tough task ahead to beat an expert.
  • Bad SEO can be harmful to your website and your business.
  • In the long run, it will cost you far more than hiring a SEO expert.


How long will it take to get to the top?
SEO is not a quick win solution, so think in terms of months rather than weeks. The general rule of thumb is 6 months, however each website is unique so we will analyse your website and the websites that currently out-rank you in the search engines, then calculate the time needed to overtake them using one of our monthly SEO packages.

Do you guarantee ranking results?
Whilst it is never possible to guarantee that you will reach a certain ranking, we do however give you a clear indication of what we think will and we don’t deliver on this we will reduce our fees. Before we commence any SEO work we will give you a detailed proposal on our work and aim to give you an estimated time before your rankings improve or reach the top 10 results, we will then stand by our estimates or reduce our fees.


How do I achieve top of Google?
The first thing to consider is why Google is so popular and used nearly 1 billion times every day. The answer is simple: Google delivers relevant results which finds what the user is looking for – because of this we use it again and again. To get to the top of Google we need to be aware of factors that Google determines are important indicators of what makes a web page valuable and relevant for a specific search term.

Key factors include, Page Rank, the URL (website address), page title, page content, and general site architecture and the quality and quantity of links pointing to that page. If this art can be mastered then the top of Google can be achieved. It make’s sense to get us to do it for you.


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