PPC or Pay per Click marketing is a form of digital marketing where you strategically place adverts across the internet, and only pay if you receive a click to your website.

Pay per click is most commonly used on Google, through their AdWords platform. However there are countless other marketing and social channels like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter through which you can advertise your business using the pay per click model.

For newcomers to PPC the prospect of paying for each click sounds daunting, however done correctly, pay per click can bring targeted, qualified customers who are ready to buy to your website for a lesser cost than other forma of marketing such as SEO or Social Media and more traditional forms of marketing such as printed marketing and directories.

How does PPC work?

Put simply, Google (and other search engines) auction advert spaces on their of search results. There are a limited number of advertising “slots” per page. To make it onto the first page Google will consider two things, firstly how much you are willing to pay for a click (your maximum cost per click) and the relevance of your advert to the keyword being searched on (quality score). From this Google will work out your “Ad Rank”

The advertiser with the highest Ad Rank will be in first position, the person with the second highest ad rank will be in second, and so on.

How much do clicks cost?

This varies greatly depending on your business sector. But the great thing about PPC is that you can set the maximum amount you want to spend for a click and that is all you pay, so whether you have a £10 daily budget or £1million daily budget, you can still get clicks and only pay what you want for them. A good agency will strive to reduce the amount you pay for each click. If we don’t reduce your click costs,  in fact we don’t charge a management fee at all.

Can you buy your way to the top of the ads?

Absolutely not! Google has two main considerations for its search engine, firstly the advertiser using pay per click wants good advertising that is profitable, secondly it must consider the users of the search engine who want to find relevant content about what they searched for. If Google allowed the highest bidder to feature in first place, just because they have deep pockets and outbid all their competitors, it doesn’t mean they are the most relevant to the user. Using a quality score and a maximum bid ensures fairness, and a pleasant experience for the advertiser AND the user.

Instant Results

Using PPC can mean your website gets traffic just minutes after setting your campaigns live.

Guaranteed Clicks

You only pay your agreed amount if you get a click to your website. You are not charged for the ad to display

Fixed Budget

You choose how much you want to spend per month. Absolutely no hidden charges.

Totally Flexible

You choose the search terms (keywords) you want to show up for, the geographical area you want your ads to show (eg Cheshire)to and you can even choose what time of day your ads are shown.

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